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25th. Febuary 2011 - A new version of Jnix is now available.

This is the home of the Retriever Download Manager a fast, reliable download utility created using Java. Retriever supports HTTP, FTP, Metalink and BitTorrent downloads.

With Retriever you can easily download games, software applications, music or video without interruptions or damaged files. You can get Retriever from the download page.

Other software available from this site:

GlassWorks, an install creation tool with support for Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux.

HelpMaster, a JavaHelp authoring tool.

Jnix, a Launch4J compatible utility for wrapping jar files in shell scripts for deployment on Linux and Unix.

LAFManager, this is a utility to simplify the process of adding look and feels to your Java environment.

All software available on this site is freeware. You will never be asked to pay or register to continue using it.

Please send all comments, help or feature requests and suggestions to hayden@halogenware.com.

Current Versions:

Retriever is at version 2.1.

HelpMaster is at version 1.1.

GlassWorks is at version 1.2.

Jnix is at version 1.1.

LAFManager is at version 1.2.